Solar Panel Claims – Section 75

Mis-sold your Solar Panels?

Solar Panels have been sold to thousands of consumers on the basis that installing solar panels will help the homeowner save a lot of money on energy bills whilst helping reduce carbon footprint.

There has been a claim for mis-selling of solar panels by some companies who have promised and failed to deliver:

  • More electricity than the owner of the house is currently using.
  • Financial rewards from the ‘feed-in tariff’ sold as a feature that owners were told would more than pay for any financial commitments to finance agreements that may have been entered into to pay for the Solar Panels.

If you feel that you have paid for Solar Panels and not seen the benefits you were supposed to get you may have been ‘mis-sold solar panels’.

If you are happy with your solar panels and are happy that you are getting what you were promised then you don’t need to do anymore.

If however, you are not happy with the promises made by the Solar Panels Company or supplier, then you can start a claim for a refund of your money.

If you have paid for all or even just a deposit by credit card, then the credit card company is as responsible to you as the Solar Panel company who sold them to you.

If the company arranged a retail finance agreement with a bank or finance company, then the finance company are also liable to you in the event that you were mis-sold solar panels.

Here are some questions and answers that may help you decide if you qualify for a claim against the Solar Panel company or credit provider.

How will I know if was Mis-Sold Solar Panels?

Some Solar Panel Companies have sold the Solar Panels as an investment and this is one of the more frequent complaints we have received.  Apparently many customers were told that the solar panels would pay for themselves with the grant being available from the Feed-in Tariff (FIT).

Many customers were also told that the savings they made with the new solar panels would pay for the loan or financial agreement arranged to pay for the solar panels.

Many customers of these salespeople beloved that the benefits and cost savings would outweigh the financial commitments.

Can I get a refund for the Solar Panels I were mis-sold?

If you have been misled or lied to in anyway, if the benefits were misrepresented to you then you are entitled to pursue a claim for a full refund of the money paid by you.

If you paid for the Solar Panels by credit card, even if it was just a small deposit, then under current legislation, the credit card provider is as liable to you as the Solar Panels installers themselves.

If the Solar panels were purchased and installed within the last 6 years then you may still be able to claim from the company or the credit card/finance agreement provider.

What legislation covers me as the consumer?

Section 75 of the consumer credit act provides cover for you in circumstances where you have paid out between £100 and £30,000 and the goods were mis-sold to you. Even if you just paid a small deposit and had the balance of finance or paid cash, you will still be covered as the credit card company is liable to you for the full amount.

The Solar Panels company has gone bust, what can I do? 

Even if the Solar Panels Company has gone into liquidation, or has stopped trading you can still make your claim under section 75 of the consumer credit act. This provides you as the consumer cover if the company you bought the solar panels from goes bust / bankrupt or into liquidation.

If I paid for the Solar Panel using credit can I still make a claim?

Yes if you paid for the Solar Panels using either credit card or finance agreement then you can claim under section 75 of the consumer credit act for a full refund.

How Long Will My Claim against the Solar Panel Company Take?

This depends on the response we receive from the finance provider. The circumstances outlined above leave little room for a genuine defence. However if the finance provider challenge liability then it can take between 6-18 months for your claim to conclude.

Most claims fall into the categories outlined above and therefore leave little room for the finance company to deny liability. However long it takes we will pursue the claim for you and try and secure you the best outcome.

How do I start my Solar Panel Claim?

If you honestly feel that you were mis-sold the solar panels and qualify by paying for them by card (even part payment) or finance agreement, we will be able to assist you. Simply call us for help or use the form on this page to submit your details. You should upload whatever documentation you have in support of your claim and we will assess the likelihood of a successful claim, free of charge.

In order to fully assess the claim, please provide us with:

  • Full contact details of the Solar Panel Company.
  • Full details of any finance arranged to pay for the Solar Panels and a copy of the agreement if you have it.
  • The dates that the transaction to made / order date etc.

What fees do you charge for handling the claim?

We will assess your claim for you free of charge and advise you of the possible outcome. If we take on the claim for you and are successful, we will charge up to 30% plus VAT of the money recovered as a fee. You are at liberty to pursue the claim yourself and will tell you how to do this if you prefer to handle the claim yourself.

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    S75 is particularly useful if the retailer or trader has gone bust or
    doesn’t respond to your letters or phone calls.

    S75 covers the whole purchase, even if you paid
    only part of the cost on the card and the rest by other means.

    There is no time limit to putting in a s75 claim.
    However, if you’re unhappy with the card company’s response or the outcome of a
    complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, you have a total of six years to pursue the matter in court.

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