Solar Panel Finance Claims – Banks, Credit Cards & Finance Agreements

Finance Companies, Banks or Credit Card Companies who financed Solar Panels are as liable to you, the purchaser, as the company who sold them to you

Mis-sold claims against solar panel providers or finance companies

We specialise any claims against companies that have mis-sold solar panel products or services to members of the public. If you have paid for the installation of Solar panels and believe they were sold to you under false pretences, then we may be able to help you

Solar panels are a significant investment and in many cases cost several thousands of pounds for them to be installed at your home.

If there is a dispute over the purchase or the installation of your Solar panels you may be able to claim for a full refund and/or compensation.

If you paid for your solar panels by way of finance agreement or via your credit card there may be a joint liability between the supplier and the finance provider, meaning that the finance company or the credit card company are as jointly liable to you as the customer

There may be different circumstances under which you are able to claim. Here are some examples of complaints received that may qualify for a claim. When you have been told:

  • That the solar panels would generate excess amounts of electricity.
  • That you will get financial benefits received via the feeding tariff (FIT) scheme.
  • That you as the customer will have low energy bills.
    You will have energy savings that would cover monthly financial payments.
  • That the panels would pay for themselves.

If you have been mis-sold solar panels on the above basis and believe that you are not getting the results that you were promised, you may be able to claim for a refund or compensation. We specialise in mis-selling claims and completion of the form below will enable us to assess whether you have a valid claim or not.

Our initial assessment is free of charge and we will only charge you a fee in the event of a successful claim. You are at liberty to present of the claim yourself and may approach the financial ombudsman service without a charge if you wish to do so.

So what is involved in the processing of your claim?

If you have purchased solar panels within the last six years and are looking to make a claim against either the solar panel company or the finance company/credit card, we may be able to recover your initial investment and write off any outstanding balance on your finance agreement. You should contact us as soon as possible to discuss your claim

Mercantile Claims have a vast amount of experience in pursuing claims against finance providers and have specialist teams who run solar panel claims.

We have detailed knowledge and experience in dealing with misrepresentations about the benefits of a product and represent clients who have found that their monthly finance repayments significantly outweigh the benefits that they are receiving from their solar panel installations.

In circumstances such as this, we find that there is a basis for a claim and have been successful on a number of occasions in recovering costs and compensation for our clients.

So how do you know if you have been mis-sold?

We hear from an increasing number of claimants who believe they were misled when they purchased the solar panels.

  • If the solar panels were originally sold to you as an investment
  • You may have been advised that the solar panels would be self-funding due to the financial benefits received from the seed in Paris (FIT).
  • You may also have been advised that the reduction in your energy bills would cover the monthly finance arrangement.
  • Where the solar panels were sold as ‘free’ with the sales person stating that the financial returns would outweigh the costs of the solar panels.

In this event we may be able to assist you in securing a full or partial refund if:

  • You purchased your solar panels by way of a finance agreement or part/full payment on a credit card.
  • The solar panels were purchased within the last six years.
  • You are of the opinion that you were misled about the performance of the solar panels.
  • You were told that the financial gains would outweigh the costs.
  • If there is a significant deficit between the financial rewards of the solar panels investment and the finance repayments that was not explained to you when the solar panels were sold to you.
  • The purchase was made either using a finance agreement or payments having been made on a credit card.

It is important to note that even if a deposit or part payment was made by credit card, there may still be full protection afforded to the claimant under these circumstances. Please refer to us for further details.

Can I make a claim if the company has gone bust?

Section 75 of the consumer credit act affords protection to all consumers who have purchased such an item costing in excess of £100 using either a finance agreement or a credit card. This means that the credit card company or the finance provider is jointly liable for any claim for compensation. This is the case even if the supplier has gone into liquidation or seized trading.

Can I still make a claim if I only paid a deposit on my credit card?

If you paid for the solar panels in full but only paid a deposit on the credit card, as long as the minimum deposit was in excess of £100 you may be able to claim against the credit card company for full recovery of your payments.

Where to from here?

In order to fully assess your claim we need to gather some information from you. If you complete the form at the foot of this page providing us with as much detail as possible, we will be able to assess your claim free of charge.

You can upload any supporting documentation using the form. This is private, secure and any information submitted is held in the strictest of confidence.

You need to make sure that you suppliers with:

  • The name of the solar panel sales company
  • The name of the credit card or finance provider with a copy of the agreement if available
  • The name of your electricity provider and feed in tariff provider
  • The date of your purchase and installation of your solar panels
  • A summary by way of explanation confirming what you were told prior to and during the sale and why you feel you are now entitled to make a claim against the company.

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