Our team at Mis-sold Claims Assist deal with many types of consumer mis-selling claims. Whether it be a holiday product, a bank dispute or a financial service that was mis-handled, our team are experts at arguing cases to get a successful claim for our clients. It comes with many years of experience to argue a successful claim, that is why it is so important to choose the correct people to work on your behalf.

Our claim today was for another ‘Concierge and Lifestyle’ package that was sold to our clients in 2016 after they were cold-called and asked to attend a short presentation. They attended the meeting and were kept there for hours whilst the salesperson explained the benefits of signing up to their package. What they were selling was a so called ‘Concierge and Lifestyle’ package which would provide them with discounted holidays, flights, accommodation, and other benefits. The package was being sold for £10,000 which our clients felt was too expensive, which they explained to the salesperson. However, the salesperson had an answer for every objection to making a purchase they made. It was quite clear they did not want to spend this amount of money, but the salesperson persisted and eventually offered them a discounted price of £7,800. Feeling worn down by the relentless sales pitch, they decided to sign up there and then. They paid half the money on their credit card and half via a bank transfer.

It was not until a few months later when they came to use the online booking system that they discovered it was incredibly difficult to book anything they felt suited their needs. In fact, when they investigated it further, they found they could book similar holidays online for much lower prices. They also could not access any of the other discounts that were promised to them, such as discounted telephone contracts and utility bills. At this point they started to worry and contacted the company. Shockingly they discovered that the company had ceased trading and could not get hold of anyone at the offices. After searching for the company online they learnt that the company had been forced to close and in fact the company director had been arrested in relation to charges of fraud.

Fearing they had lost their money all together, they finally reached out to our team at Mis-Sold Claims Assist and after listening to everything that happened with this company we put together an argument and presented it to the credit card company. Luckily for our clients this was a clear case of fraud and misrepresentation by this scam company and we have been able to re-coup all their money plus interest. The owners of the company were later convicted in court and sentenced.

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