The team here at Mis-sold Claims Assist work extremely hard to gain successful outcomes for clients who have been mis-sold financial products. Often people come to us after experiencing financial hardship due to mis-sold products and we work tirelessly to help them gain a successful outcome and their money back.

Many of our clients come to us after suffering financially due to fraudulent companies who charge exorbitant amounts of money for services they have no intention of performing. This is exactly what happened to our clients today, who were persuaded to attend a high pressure sales presentation for a lifestyle and concierge service.

In 2016, they were invited to attend a short presentation and in return they would be able to enjoy a short break away in the countryside free of charge. They attended the meeting as promised but did not expect to be held there for nearly an entire day whilst the sales representative explained the benefits of signing up to a lifestyle and concierge service. They were told during this meeting that this package would allow them to access multiple exclusive offers annually, whereby they could book discounted holidays, flights and accommodation at exclusive hotels and locations. In addition to this they would also have access to a private online account where they could book these holidays and also have exclusive access to other highly discounted items.

When our clients asked how much this would cost they were shocked when they were told it would cost them £10,000. They explained they could not possibly afford this and the sales representative went away and came back with a lower offer of just under £9,000 but explained that this offer was a one time deal and was only available on the day and if they signed up there and then. Our clients felt under an immense amount of pressure during this meeting to make a decision on the spot. They were not given time to go away and think about it nor were they given time to discuss it alone between themselves.

Eventually they agreed to pay and signed up to the service by paying a large deposit and transferred the rest of the money when they returned home. It wasn’t until some time later when they went to access their ‘exclusive account’ that they learnt the company had gone into liquidation meaning none of the services they were promised could be performed and they had lost nearly £9,000. In fact the company were being investigated for fraud and the owners had decided to close the company leaving behind unhappy customers, many of which were thousands of pounds out of pocket. Our clients were left in this situation, unsure of what to do next and how to get their money back.

Luckily, they were directed to contact the team here at Mis-sold Claims Assist and we have been able to claim all of their money back plus interest. This scenario is incredibly common as many fraudulent companies operate schemes just like this whereby they promise services they have little to no intention or providing or that simply are not worth the money and do not meet customers expectations. There are many ways in which financial products such as these are mis-sold and it depends on the way in which it was sold. If you have experienced a similar situation and feel you were wrongly sold a product that caused you financial hardship or stress then get in touch with the team here at Mis-sold Claims Assist. We are experts in dealing with these types of claims and can help you get your money back plus interest.

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