Every year banks reject hundreds of thousands for claims for mis-sold products and services, mainly those that are made directly from the customer. Few members of the public will have enough knowledge of how banks operate and what they require, in order to take the complaint further and be able to have a successful outcome. Banks are very good at arguing against customer complaints and if a claim is not argued correctly, the bank will reject it. And why wouldn’t they? There are thousands of products and services which are unfair and were mis-sold.

The team here at Mis-sold Claims Assist deal with many types of consumer mis-selling claims. Whether it be a holiday product, a bank dispute or a financial service that was mis-handled, our team are experts at arguing cases to get a successful claim for our clients. That is exactly what we did for our latest clients who were the victims of a fraudulent holiday package scheme back in 2017.

Our clients were approached by a company, who on the face of it seemed legitimate, they even had a professional looking website and advertised regularly. They were asked to attend a meeting about a holiday points product that would offer them huge discounts, something that was exclusive to them and not available anywhere else. As way of an incentive to attend they were offered a free night in a luxury hotel for their trouble. Like the many millions of other people who attend such sales presentations they agreed in good faith, reassured that it was just a short presentation, and they would not be forced into signing up to anything.

They attended the meeting and, again like many other clients we hear from, were forced to sit through a 5-hour presentation on the holiday points scheme this company were selling. The sales representative showed them examples of the savings they could make over the next few years on holidays, flights, and other heavily discounted items if they agreed to pay the £10,000 price tag. Our clients explained that they did not have this sort of cash to spend and tried to end the meeting. The salesperson continued on and offered them the same package at a discounted price of £6,500 After hours and hours being held in these offices, in an unfamiliar environment, our clients agreed to sign up and paid a large deposit using their credit card.

It was not until sometime later, when they attempted to use their new holiday package that they found it nearly impossible to use. The discounts they were promised were cheaper elsewhere and when they attempted to book anything, they found they could not access any of the offers they were promised. Eventually they got in touch with the team here at Mis-Sold Claims Assist and thankfully for our clients we have been able to claim their money back through the finance provider, however there are many other companies and individuals to take their place and people continue to be taken advantage of with similar fraudulent schemes. If you or anyone you know has fallen victim to such a fraud, get in touch with us today. We have great success in arguing these types of claims and could help win you your money back.

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