BT Group PLC is facing a lawsuit which could see the communications giant compensating millions of customers for overcharging them.

In 2017 British watchdog Ofcom found BT had been overcharging its landline customers since 2009. BT agreed to reduce landline customers’ bills by £7 each but failed to compensate customers who had been overcharged for the previous 8 years. The lawsuit is being brought to represent all of these customers by CALL the Collective Action on Land Lines, who say these affected customers were more likely to be elderly, vulnerable and low-income households. In response BT released a statement: “We take our responsibilities to older and more vulnerable customers very seriously and will defend ourselves against claims that suggest otherwise.”

Under current legislation it is not possible for the claim to go back as far as 2009, however CALL is seeking damages for affected customers from 2015 and this could mean BT faces a bill of just under £600 million to compensate the 2.3 million BT landline customers.

If you think you were affected by the BT overcharging you can read more about it here and see if you are eligible to make a claim: BT faces £600m lawsuit over ‘overcharging’ – BBC News

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